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Austrian International Rafting Championship 2014
European Cup 2014

Wildalpen, River Salza, 25th-27th April


The official International Austrian Rafting Competition 2014 will take place on the river Salza in Styria. The rules of the International Rafting Federation IRF category R4 determines the championship. Each competition (sprint, head to head, slalom, downriver race) gets points. The Rafting team with the most points after the last race in the category R4 will be the final winner.


Championship organisation:

Sportklub Wildalpen


River Salza in Upperstyria: from Wildalpen downstream to Palfau


Salza in Upperstyria, Grade 2-3


Friday, 25th of April (training, for interested)

9:00 pm captains meeting

     Saturday, 26th of April (Austrian Championship - European Cup)

9:00 am captains briefing
Sprint, Slalom and Head to Head
Rafting Party

     Sunday, 27th of April (Austrian Championship - European Cup)

8:30 am Downriver Race
Presentation ceremony

Enquiries and registrations to:

  • Klaus Weninger and Verena Alber, mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Final registration:

  • Saturday, 12th of April 2014


  • 100 € pro Team
Raiffeisenbank Wildalpen
  • BLZ: 38129, Kto-Nr.300.03002003
  • IBAN AT05 38129300 0300 2003, BIC RZSTAT2G129

Competition requirement:

  • Registration: names of each team and participants (4 + substitute)

  • Safety provision: own life jacket, helmet, flip line and rope are obligatory, neopren, boots

Captains meeting:

  • Friday, 25th April 2014, 9:00 pm


  • room reservation, Tourism Association Wildalpen, eMail: tourismus@wildalpen.at, telephone: 0043 3636 341, Fax: 0043 3636 313

  • campsite in Wildalpen (www.wildalpen.at)

How to get there:

  • Wildalpen is situated in the upper part of Styria near by Mariazell.
  • It is about 2h driving hours away from Linz or Graz, and 2h 30 from Salzburg or Vienna.

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