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Wildalpen is a township in the styrian district Liezen, nearby to Mariazell, and is located in the nature-park Eisenwurzen. The town itself lies at the foot of the Hochschwab and has a population of approximately 600. Wildalpen encompasses an area of over 200 km², which is approximately half the area of Vienna. Wildalpen is well known due to its spring which feeds the “Wiener Hochwasserleitung” which supplies the greater part of Vienna with fresh water as well as due to its white-water centre. More than half of the township is a fresh-water-sanctuary. The Championship races are held on the river Salza. The Salza is the longest (55km), most unspoilt river in Central Europe and can be travelled on throughout the year. The emerald-green river has drinking-water quality and covers all levels of white-water which makes it prefect for rafting-venues. Near Wildalpens town centre lies the campsite-swell. The first international white-water races were held here more than a couple centuries ago. The campsite-swell is one of the few natural race-courses for white-water sportsmen. The technical equipment for the races and the riverbed have been continuously improved over the last years to make the course even more attractive.  The possibility for flood light contests exists as well. It allows races to be carried out at night, which is unique in white-water rafting. The course is easily accessible from both banks. The course offers ideal conditions for both spectators and TV-coverage.The campsite offers room for tents, event-stalls and supporting event-programs. Sanitary facilities are also available. A meadow nearby could serve as an alternative site for parts of the program should there be a shortage of space. Stands will be erected on the opposite side of the Salza. Experience has shown us that the contests and the side events are well looked upon by spectators, participants and the population alike. The increasing number of spectators proves this. Especially the flood light races attract a great number of spectators.




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